Age range: 3-8 years

For practitioners:

  • Develop a clear plan for this activity, its purpose, and a perspective for presenting the results
  • Present an example of an identity treasure
  • Create an atmosphere of trust and openness
  • Value diverse family backgrounds

For participants:

  • Be open to talk about and present personal information

Phase A:

The practitioner introduces the activity in the group/class and illustrates the task by showing the Treasure Box Example.

The practitioner assigns participating parents to the tasks.

Phase B:

Children and caregivers together think about five important/valued items for the child and/or the family. It is also possible to specify a particular topic area, such as favorite items in nature.

Children and/or caregivers take pictures of these items.

Phase C:

Pictures are being uploaded into individual Treasure Boxes (by parents or by practitioners).

Item names are written next to the pictures, both in the family language and in the host language.

Phase D:

Each parent (and child) presents their Treasure Box in class.

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Themes: {:en}Promoting Multilingualism in the Family{:}{:it}Promuovere il multilinguismo nella famiglia{:} and Promoting different languages at home

Resource type: What can you do

Tags: example and treasure box

Age range: 3-8

Available in: Arabic, English, German, and Italian