World Map

Using one a tool like H5P “Image Hotspots”, you can create an interactive map during the session. The content on the map can show where individual parents (or their families) originally came from, and which languages they speak.

We have created an example of such a map, which you can find on the platform. This example can be used as a template, and you can edit it when working with your group of parents.

You can also use the map you created during the session with your group to stimulate other activities which invite parents to share more about themselves with the group.

More about you


Parents in your group could be asked to talk to another person on the course, and introduce themselves. Where do their families originally come from? Which languages do they know? How old are their children? Where were they born? When did they come to England?

They could also be invited to tell us a personal story: How did they come to live in England? How do they keep in touch with family and/or traditions from abroad?

B) FORUM: More about you

You could also invite the parents in your group to join a discussion on the VLE. Here they can be invited to share some information about themselves with the group in writing a few sentences and adding a picture (or even an audio- or video file) about themselves.

Parents could reply in English, or in their heritage language. During the session, you could spend some time, adding translations and making the forum ‘multi-lingual’.

Here is an example.

My name is Sylwia. I come from Poland. My husband is from Poland. We came to England in 2009. We have two children, Alina (5) and Aron (3). They were born in England. At home we speak mainly Polish, and sometimes a little bit of English.

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