Before proposing guidelines for enabling experiences, we invite you to observe and reflect.

Short cases to observe and reflect

Children in Italy were asked to draw pictures of themselves and their languages. See some examples.

If we ask children to make drawings about themselves and their languages, we can start to see how complex issues of multilingualism are. In an Italian research study, children were asked to make drawings of themselves and their languages. The children were also asked to talk about their drawings. You can see some examples if you click on the following website (link)

To help you reflect on those children’s experiences, we provide copies of some of the pictures the children drew in this research study, together with some translations of what they drew and said.

Themes: {:en}Promoting Multilingualism in the Family{:}{:it}Promuovere il multilinguismo nella famiglia{:} and Living with more than one language

Resource type: Observe and reflect

Tags: bilingual families, bilingualism, multilingual families, multilingualism, and parenting

Age range: all age groups

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