• to give visibility to multilingualism;
  • to increase the active participation of children;
  • to foster parents’ involvement.

Links to the curriculum:

Literacy in the language(s) of instruction.


  • Children are involved in drawing graphs showing how they use the language(s) they know to communicate with their parents, siblings and other relatives (grandparents, uncles…).
  • Teachers can use the information gathered to involve children in discussing how (and why) children use the languages they know in different contexts and with different people and to reflect on the   relationship between L1 and L2

Further development:

Materials and digital tools:

Photos, descriptions and audio/video-recordings could be added to a Forum.

Themes: Exploring and understanding one's multlingual self and Promoting multilingualism in the classroom

Resource type: What can you do

Tags: bilingualism and multilingualism

Age range: 8+

Available in: Czech, English, and Italian